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Looking for more information?

We will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible


Discover ״Remez 28״, ‬the new residential experience amid the intimate‭, ‬upscale surroundings of Tel Aviv’s New North‭. ‬This one-of-a-kind development perfectly combines a classic Tel Aviv street atmosphere with flourishing community life and‭, ‬of course‭, ‬flawless construction of the highest quality‭. ‬Remez 28‭ ‬is located at the heart of the tranquil New North‭, ‬full of character and ideal for families‭. ‬Nestled between Kikar HaMedina‭ (‬State Square‭) ‬and Ibn Gvirol Street‭, ‬the project is nearby cafes and Yarkon Park‭, ‬while also being close to major highways and a few minutes from light rail stations on the green and purple lines‭, ‬among other destinations‭. ‬Above all‭, ‬the neighborhood is known for its low-rise construction‭, ‬extensive green areas‭, ‬and discerning residents‭. ‬This is your opportunity to enjoy the best location and the best accessibility‭, ‬while still living the quiet‭, ‬peaceful life of your dreams‭.‬



"Remez 28"‭ ‬presents the very best of Tel Aviv‭, ‬right on your doorstep‭. ‬Popular cultural institutions‭, ‬excellent education options‭,‬‭ ‬endless gardens and parks‭, ‬and the exclusive shopping streets around Kikar HaMedina‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬it all adds up to the finest lifestyle the city has to offer‭, ‬with everything just a short stroll away‭.‬



“From the very beginning‭, ‬the architectural design process was driven by the desire to create a project that would not only integrate naturally with Tel Aviv’s urban fabric‭, ‬but also give that fabric a fascinating new dimension‭. ‬The project’s architectural vision was inspired by the White City of Tel Aviv‭, ‬known for its Bauhaus buildings‭, ‬and combines the clean‭, ‬functional principles of the International Style with modern facades and meticulous contemporary planning‭. ‬This enabled us to create‭ ‬just the right balance‭, ‬producing a building that is unique and relevant while also fitting in perfectly on a Tel Aviv street‭.‬”

Architect Yoash Jankowitz

Architect Mark Topilsky



"Remez 28’s" residents will benefit in every way from the quality‭, ‬excellence‭, ‬and experience brought to the project by the developers and‭ ‬other professionals‭, ‬from the precise design‭, ‬through the exceptional finishings‭, ‬to the premium technical specifications throughout all 26‭ ‬apartments‭. ‬Choose from a varied range to suit any need‭: ‬unique 1, 2, 3‭, ‬4‭ ‬Bedrooms apartments‭, ‬garden apartments with‭ ‬large gardens‭, ‬and deluxe penthouses with especially spacious balconies‭. ‬Each apartment also has private parking‭. ‬All of these details complete the picture of prime living in classic Tel Aviv‭.‬

הדמיית פנים דירה של הפרוייקט
תוכנית דירה

1 Bedroom, 4rd Floor


ARK Group‭ ‬is a real estate developer that focuses on residential projects in high-demand areas‭. ‬The company’s vision is to enhance the residential experience through planning and implementing meticulously designed projects of the highest standard‭. ‬Its managers‭, ‬David Appelstein and Matan Koch‭, ‬are committed to hard work‭, ‬attention to detail‭, ‬and personal involvement in every project and decision‭. ‬ARK Group is based on extensive industry experience and driven by the desire to influence‭, ‬innovate‭, ‬and create the best value and home for you‭. ‬The company understands that the road to a successful project begins and ends with people‭. ‬That is why your complete satisfaction throughout the apartment buying process is always ARK’s priority‭.‬

The Developers

Structura Engineering‭ ‬is a real estate developer and contractor‭, ‬established by Ziv Guy and Tamir Kalmovich‭. ‬Each project is planned and performed based on the extensive‭, ‬diverse engineering knowledge of the company’s managers and professionals‭. ‬This efficient‭, ‬excellent planning ensures projects of the highest quality and can even help to shorten construction schedules‭. ‬Above all‭, ‬Structura emphasizes construction quality and a unique professional service dedicated to the wellbeing of both its customers and its employees‭. ‬The company holds C-5‭ (‬unlimited‭) ‬classification as a contractor and is‭ ‬mostly active in high-demand areas within Tel Aviv‭.‬

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